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"By starting over, we can correct the mistakes of Cooperstown’s past."

The baseball Hall of Fame is central to the lore and history of the game. Election to the hallowed Hall is viewed as a validation of greatness, the highest achievement to be earned in the sport, and a personal honor for the players who are enshrined. Unfortunately, at various times in the Hall's history, voting has been swayed, if not dominated, by politics, cronyism, prejudices, and sometimes just simple ignorance. The Hall of Merit was born of the idea that there should be a hall that honors the highest on-field achievers in the history of the game based solely on merit - to the best of the electorate's honest ability to determine - and avoiding the mistakes that have sometimes cast a shadow on the MLB Hall of Fame.

This site is meant to capture the Hall of Merit's history, its motivations, its guiding principles, and most importantly its electees.

Hall of Merit Plaque Room


Guiding Principles

Something Better - the article that started the project.

The HOM Constitution - the Hall of Merit's official mission statement and the rules that govern elections.

Other Information


HOM Links page - collected links for election results, ballots, and discussion threads for every election. Also links to many topics of interest related to voting and the project at large.

Most Meritorious Player site - BBTF project that votes on its own version of the MVP, the MMP award.

Interested in voting for the Hall of Merit?

Go to BBTF and start in the HOM discussion thread (after creating an account).

Questions or comments about this site?

Email krisgardner -at- Or discuss at BBTF (user kcgard2).

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Baseball Think Facftory

This site is inspired by the Hall of Merit project hosted at BBTF.  Learn more about it in further information.

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